The Veturium Tales Vol. 1: "The Rise of Tyus"


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My name is Robin Caulfield, 21 years old at the time of writing, a transgender woman, and someone who is very appreciative of the support I’ve received from so many wonderful people in the process of creating “The Veturium Tales”. I am the creator of the Veturium tabletop campaign setting, and these short stories are the background and lore behind that setting. I encourage you to share my work if you enjoy it. Share it with your friends and family, coworkers, fellow tabletop gamers, and anyone you think might find it interesting.


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Published 19 May 2018.



The Beginning


Time began as a void. Within that void came a being, a hulk of a creature with muscles cut like diamonds and eyes that burned with the flames of the nine hells. The creature awoke from the very first slumber with a roar, shaking the void he was in to its core. The creature was no mere mortal, as his soul was linked to time itself. This was the birth of more than just a god, as this was Tyus, the God King and creator of the universe itself. Upon his birth his body lay rest on a clock with no hands on it’s face floating through a dark and endless space. “What… Is this…?” Tyus grumbled in a tongue most would recognize as that of the demons in modern day. He was fully grown and the only one of his kind, but he had no domain to reside in. Time had yet to start ticking, and Tyus knew this as he rose from the clock face covered in white linen cloth tattered across various parts of his body with minimal coverage. His skin was purple, hardened like clay, but his hair was long and soft, white as snow. Tyus examined his own body, noticing the long and sharp claws at the end of each finger. This prompted him to stab into his own chest, his black blood spilling onto the clock beneath him as he ripped out two of his own ribs with a violent grunt.


Tyus waved his other hand over the wound, sealing it immediately as he began to recognize there was no limit to his own power, or so he thought. He fashioned two arrows out the ribs, one long and the other short as he placed them together on the clock. With a heave and a grunt Tyus pulled the long arrow to the one-minute mark, starting time itself. “The beginning…” An abyssal grumble came out as stars began to sprout around him, rocks began to manifest, flying through the void that was becoming a galaxy before his very eyes. Tyus realized that he had just created a universe as he began to fade into the celestial plane, a world that began to bloom with every step he took. Flowers of various shapes and sizes bloomed, trees sprouted, vines wrapped around branches and littered the ground while Tyus began to approach a set of stone steps that assembled beneath his feet as he began to ascend.


Tyus approached a small platform containing a simple throne made of what one would assume is gold. Upon the throne sat a crown, simple in design as it looked to be the stems of a rose, littered with thorns and braided into a circlet with gems and stones between thorns. With a questioning gaze and a curious heart, Tyus picked up the crown and gently placed it atop his head. The thorns began to grow after this, sharpening and digging into his skull, rooting themselves and drawing more of the black blood from within. The gems shimmered like stars and his eyes burned even more intensely as the pain was almost too much for even him to bear. “A crown of thorns eternal.” He said, clenching a fist and taking a seat on the throne that was now bound to his very essence. “Show me what I’ve created.” A command spoken as crown began to glow and his eyes turned white. Tyus found himself on a planet alone, water crashing against the Cliffside he stood upon.

The Creation.


There was darkness in the sky above, water on the ground below, and stone beneath his feet with patches of moss growing and sprouting nearby. Tyus flicked his wrist out to the side, the flames from his right eye appearing in a ball of flame in his palm at the cost of his own vision. “And so I give this world light, my promise to watch over it for eternity at the cost of my own vision.” Tyus murmured, looking down with his one good eye at the ball of fire dancing in his hand. “Veturium… Live!” He shouted, thrusting his arm upward with a beam of light shooting into the sky, parting the darkness as a ripple of light spread from the source. Moments later the stream of light left his palm and extended into the sky, nothing but a burning star high above the world as Tyus’ hand was scorched from the powerful blast. Shortly afterwards came the first sunrise as the Cliffside cracked beneath the creator. Beneath his feet came magma, the loose rock crumbling as a crater began to form. Tyus rose into the sky, staring below as a volcano began to form where he once stood. Tyus felt the power of every domain inside of himself as he returned to his true form that remained back in the celestial plane. His eyes no longer white, but the fire within the right extinguished.


Tyus had the ability to see the world he had created with his right eye, but his vision was gone. He realized the cost of creating a world was taxing even for a deity such as himself. He knew that a world without life could not sustain itself, and life without death was meaningless. Tyus rose from his throne, marching off in search of clay somewhere on this plane of existence. He journeyed out of the magical hall filled with nature and dripping ambrosia as he traveled down the mountainside. Cracks of lightning ripped through the sky above, stars flew across the sky in streaks of light, moons clashed and meteors rained down into the land around Tyus. The cosmos were at war as they entered their fledgling state, and the Universal Clock ticked away high above Tyus in the sky like a moon shining down. It always remained in his vision as he trudged forth towards the cosmic coastline. He approached the water, wading himself in with the current’s steady flow. He was merging himself with nature, the root of his creation, as the water met him at waist level.


Tyus, with his arms outstretched, roared into the heavens as meteors began to crash down into the ocean around him. He channeled his energy, manipulating the water and the meteorites cooling within as they created a vortex around him. He floated gently down as the sea whirled around and he met the ocean floor. The meteorites began to infuse the water with life and magical energy while Tyus knelt in the muddy clay that resided beneath the sea. He began a two-day long process as he sculpted the ground upwards into blocks. Tyus carved out the shapes of two creatures, one with two jutting horns and a sculpted muscular figure much like his own and the other with a lean physique and sharp fangs. He pulled the water as if it were stone and withdrew the magical energy as he began to infuse the clay sculptures with the meteorites.


Tyus let the water return to the ocean floor as the vortex carried him back up to the shore. He left his clay sculptures buried deep beneath the sea as he made his trek back to his hall. “Death is a friend to life, and life shall guide that friend through time. A cycle never to be broken, the beginning and the end of eternity, my sons shall rise on the third day.” His mind was a puzzle he was trying to figure out. He was given the task of creating the universe, and this was his divine right. Tyus sat upon his throne, waiting for his creations to accept the challenge and burst from the waves as champions on the third day as he had prophesized. He gazed into the sky as stars fell and were replaced by bigger and brighter ones, moons crashed and collided, and the cosmos themselves recognized the authority of Tyus, father of the universe.

The Rise.


As the sun rose on the third day, Tyus stood in the archway of his divine hall, his eyes locked on the sea down below. Hours passed as the seas began to part as two creatures of bronzed skin carrying weapons made of bones emerged from the sea foam. Tyus held a grin on his face for the first time as his sons marched towards him side by side. “Life and death, brothers of the divine.” His abyssal words lingering between the three beings as Tyus looked between his two sons. The one to his left held a long whip-blade forged from his spine and encrusted with chunks of meteors, his fangs poking beyond his mouth. While the creature on the right held two swords crafted from his forearm bones, the hilt made of seashells and stones as his horns jutted out at an angle. They were straight and lacked a curl, but they went in opposite directions. Tyus looked to his left, holding out his hand as it began to glow with a green aura.


“You will be Lo’kol, the God of Life and son of Tyus, the God King.” Tyus jabbed his palm fiercely forward into Lo’kol’s sternum, causing his eyes and mouth to glow the same color as Tyus’ palm. The God King’s gaze shifted to the other creation of his as he lifted his other palm that began to burn with black flames. “And you will be Ka’lok, the God of Death and twin brother of Lo’kol, son of Tyus.” As his hand met Ka’lok’s sternum, the same effect occurred on his second son. “Together you will create life… And you will take it.” Tyus removed his hands, watching his sons collapse on the ground. “You now have life eternal, bound to one another until time stops. Veturium requires your aide.” He snapped his fingers, his sons being pulled through the cosmos and off to another plane as he returned to his throne with a heaving sigh. He felt his life force drained through the creation of two celestial beings, but as he turned his vision to Veturium, he was prepared to watch his sons forge the start of civilization. Ka’lok and Lo’kol stood on opposite sides of the volcano left by Tyus as the sun began to set on Veturium.


Tyus returned his focus to the celestial plane, his gaze fixed on the stars once more. The war amongst the stars continued, and so Tyus readied himself and began to ascend. He rose up into the sky, engaged in a battle with the cosmos. The destruction and chaos that reigned would cause trouble for Tyus’ creations, and so it was his duty to gain control of the cosmic disaster he had created. Comets roared past his hall, and stars began to erupt in pockets throughout the plane. “I am the God King Tyus, ruler of the cosmos and father of the universe. The stars will bow to me.” He held out his arms to either side, palms upturned as they began to radiate white orbs. Tyus watched as a comet came burning through space and time directly at him. “Burn.” He whispered, firing a blast of radiant energy at the comet, shattering it to stardust. Tyus stood as the guardian between planes, fighting a never-ending battle amongst the stars. The God King would spend his days occupied with cosmic beings, battling stars and churning comets into stardust. All the while in the sky not too far off, his universal clock continued to tick away, etching forward in time as his world came to be.

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