Vivienne's Heart (Medusa's Eyes Part 2)

“With rain falling,

Hands intertwined,

One heartbeat,

two bodies.

Love eternal.”

Days came and went in the blink of an eye and before Vivienne knew it three months had passed since the rock slide that brought her into the lair of the gorgon, Medusa. The two had spent their days singing, caressing one another, and falling deeper and deeper in love. The mighty Athena had cursed the two of them but they had defied the gods themselves to find one another. There was little disturbance as most men who knew the tale of Medusa stayed away from the Isle of Sarpedon, but she knew that this peace would not last forever. As the sun rose on the ninth day of the fourth month Medusa had seen the fleet of ships far off on the horizon.

At the bow of the ship stood the mighty hero, Perseus, or so he is known. Perseus had been sent on a quest for the head of the Gorgon by Polydectes, the king who had sought to send him off in disgrace in order to marry his mother without objection. He had finally arrived, and with an adamantine sword in hand and winged sandals on his feet Perseus began to move towards shore alone. Medusa rushed back to her cave in a state of panic, her trembling managed to jolt Vivienne awake from across the room. The hissing of snakes grew louder and louder in the room, echoing feverishly as Medusa embraced Vivienne. The two held each other there for a moment, almost frozen in time. Medusa had a fear overwhelming her and Vivienne could feel the pressure in the air around them. “Vivi darling… Would you sing me a song?” Medusa barely managed to speak up enough for her to hear, a very faint sobbing hiding behind her voice.

“Of course, my love. I shall sing for you as long as we both shall live.” Vivienne squeezed her tightly for a moment more, keeping them suspended and isolated from the world around them. Whatever it was that seemed to be troubling Medusa was beyond Vivienne’s control at the moment, but her voice was the only way she knew how to settle anyone’s nerves. The notes began to vibrate through the room as she started to hum, slowly letting the notes drift softly into the air around them, encircling the two women like a cocoon.

“She saved me,

Held my heart in her hands,

Walked me through the darkness,

Brought me back to the light.

Her love was like magic,

A spell to fix my affliction,

A shield from harm,

She was my savior.

My protector.

My lover.


The last note hung in the air above them like mistletoe fueling their passionate embrace. Medusa ran her sharp nails along Vivienne’s soft olive skin, her fingers coiling around the straps to her dress. Medusa pulled Vivienne closer, their chests pressing against one another as the air began to escape the room around them. Medusa slid the straps of Vivienne’s dress down her arms, caressing her supple breast with a gentle hand. The two of them pressed into one another gently at first, but the passion overcame them as they began shoving one another lightly. Medusa eventually guiding Vivienne onto her back in the bed, sliding the dress down to her hips. She ran her fingers along Vivienne’s exposed torso, kissing every inch of her skin from neck to belly button. Medusa kissed her breasts and dug her nails into her back out of pure love. They became one that day, rolling around in the sheets together for hours.

Sometime later in the night after the birds had gone to sleep and Vivienne had closed her eyes on the day, Medusa rose quietly from her sleep. “I love you, Vivi. I hope peace finds you, my dearest songbird.” She whispered, kissing Vivienne’s forehead before making her way out of the room. Her floor length gown trailed behind her, the snakes that had been at rest on her skull coming to life as she pulled a small dagger from her waist. Medusa made her march down the long dark corridor alone and in silence. The hissing of the snakes grew louder as Medusa began to approach the ruins of the temple she once called home. The cave she had been dwelling in for decades ran underground beneath the Temple of Athena that had been desecrated by Poseidon. Ahead of her she could hear the gentle scraping of metal against stone and she knew what awaited her. Fate began to knock at the door and Medusa knew she had to answer.

Perseus gripped the adamantine sword in his possession tightly. His heart was racing as he crept quietly through the ruins of the temple. He had heard the tales and was wary of where his gaze settled. As he bore the Helm of Darkness, a tool from Hades, he flashed his shield around every corner. The shadows began to flicker in the reflection as Medusa moved through the darkness in the temple, the hissing of her hair growing louder and louder with every step Perseus had taken. The sound was encompassing him as if it were coming from every direction making it impossible for him to locate the gorgon he was after. “Fight me, beast! Your head is mine!” He roared, only to receive a maniacal chuckle in response from the lingering darkness.

Medusa moved around a corner, Perseus’s back turned to her. She darted forward, dagger drawn with her eyes glowing red. The snakes hissed louder now, biting forward as she drew closer to him, but the hissing soon halted. Perseus swung behind, arm completely extended as his blade cut through the air with such force. The adamantine blade cut through Medusa’s neck in one fluid motion, all the sound except for the shing of the blade escaping the moment. Medusa’s head tumbled to the floor and her dagger clattered with it. Her body remained limp and upright for a moment afterwards, but ultimately it too fell in a crumpled heap. Perseus valiantly used a knapsack to secure her head in victory. “You were doomed from the start, gorgon.” He muttered, slinging the bag over his shoulder and exiting the temple as a pool of purple blood ran from the body of Medusa laying cold and lifeless on the ground.

Vivienne awoke in a cold sweat, the voice of Athena ringing in her ears. “Medusa has returned to me, blind bird.” The Goddess spoke with Vivienne for but a moment, leaving her alone in an empty cave without so much as a flicker of light in her eyes. Something was wrong and Vivienne raced from her bed to try and track down Medusa in the relatively unfamiliar caves. She was tracing the walls with her hands and using her feet to follow the worn down path in the ground below. The slight vibrations in the ground had helped lead her further through the long, dark corridor and into the ruins of the Temple of Athena.

“Medusa? My love? Oh my, where have you gone off too? Do not leave me, darling. Please answer me.” Vivienne cried out, her eyes welling with tears as she began to grow frantic and less composed than usual. She felt a cold breeze guiding her deeper into the temple as she began to move slowly in the direction it led. Eventually Vivienne came to the point where Perseus had cut Medusa down, the blood coagulating beneath her feet, the body of the one she loved without it’s head. “No!” Vivienne let out a blood curdling scream, clutching the body in her arms and against her chest. “Medusa, no. This can’t be! Who has taken you from me? What sort of curse has taken my eyes and now my heart? May Athena forgive me and help me make this right.” She begged and pleaded, her tears raining onto the floor beneath her. Her hand grasped the dagger, sliding it in at her waist as she continued to weep and mourn her lover. While sadness made itself known on the surface, Vivienne’s heart began to boil over with rage and a desire for vengeance. She began to sing in a broken voice, choking the words out through her tears as she lifted the body and began to slowly carry her back to their bed where she would lay her to rest one last time.

"From this day to my last day,

I will be yours,

As you will be mine.

Our hearts are one,

Our souls tied in knots.

My life is yours,

Today and for eternity.

I will save you,

As you have saved me,


My hero.”

(To Be Continued)