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Reading with Robin!


Episode One: The Rise of Tyus

BY Robin Caulfield

I read my own short story in this episode, and you can find the written content in the creative works tab here on the website. This series of short stories follows my creative world of Veturium, and this first volume follows the pantheon I created. This first story follows the origins of the “God-King” Tyus, first of his kind and father to the universe, forged from time itself.

Episode Two: The Brothers Envy

BY Robin Caulfield

In this second version of “Reading with Robin” I dove back into the world of Veturium with the next short story following my pantheon. This story follows the tale of Lo’kol and Ka’lok, the gods of Life and Death respectively. They are the sons of Tyus and find themselves eternally at war. One cannot exist without the other.